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Advantages of owning gold

Protect your purchasing power from inflation

In the past, the value of precious metals has been inversely correlated to the value of the dollar: Gold and silver prices tend to increase during inflationary periods, when the dollar loses value.

Diversify your savings with an historically defensive asset

Gold has been a popular defensive asset, and people have flocked to it during financial crises, political turbulence, and war. Some who had a 30% position in gold before the Great Recession recouped the losses on the rest of their savings.

Historically, a defensive asset during times of government debt

Since 2000, the US government deficit has grown rapidly. During the COVID pandemic alone, our national debt grew by over $5 trillion while gold set a new record.

Has been inversely correlated with the stock market

When Americans start losing confidence in stocks, some have moved toward physical gold, causing its price to go up. Every stock market correction in the last 20 years was accompanied by a rise in the price of gold and some with the right allocation to gold offset their losses on stocks.

True diversification

Since physical gold is a real, tangible asset, the precious metal provides true diversification and has shown value as a store of wealth for over 5,000 years.

Out of reach of Wall Street

When you own physical gold, banks and Wall Street cannot touch it. As some lose faith in the banking systems, gold has become an option for them to store their wealth.

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